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This Spring our Middle School Running Club will meet on Mondays at 4:30pm.  Each week, for approximately 8 weeks, the club will meet at the trail head of a different local trail and run together. The running club is open to all 5th-8th graders from Redding and Easton.   

Kids will start with warm-up stretches before being lead on a run/walk of about a mile.  Building from there each week, we hope to increase the kids ability to run 3 miles - a good 30 - 40 minutes of exercise! 

The first meeting will be Monday April 4th at the Saugatuck Falls Natural Area.  The trail head is located just across from the John Read Middle School in Redding.  

Parents of running club members are welcome and encouraged to run with the club.

Registration fee is $20.  All runners must be members of the Boys & Girls Club.  The annual fee for membership in the Boys & Girls Club is $40.  

This season, club members who wish, will participate in the April 30th Color Run put on by the Joel Barlow Student Council.  Race fees are not included in your running club registration.   

Put your sneakers on and let's start running!!

Questions:  email club Leader Amanda Lee aglee626@gmail.com